Company Addresses Operator Demand for Group-oriented Mobile Applications and Downloadable/Pre-Loaded Open OS Devices

SAN RAMON, CA – January 29, 2007 – Wireless innovator Kodiak Networks today introduced the Kodiak Connected Portfolio with mobile solutions targeted at business, family, and social networking communities. The comprehensive Kodiak Connected Portfolio includes an expanded, integrated mobile applications offering and a series of new Open Operating System (OS) clients. All of the Portfolio components are based on the Kodiak Real-time Exchange™ (RTX), a flexible, multi-generational IMS-capable platform.

The Kodiak Connected Portfolio includes an extension of the company’s original and very successful instant communications offering and introduces three new convenient mobile conferencing and messaging applications. These applications all leverage the native phonebook and allow for fast and convenient group-based communications:

Kodiak Mobile Conference™

  • Conduct a conference call with any combination of dialable numbers in the world including wireless, wireline, and VoIP
  • Instantly and simultaneously set up a dial-out conference call with multiple participants
  • Originate mobile conference calls with one-touch dialing using the native phonebook

Kodiak Visual Voice SMS™

  • Send a message to any mobile on any global network—with no voicemail required
  • View and directly access received messages with the visual SMS interface
  • Easily reply or reply all directly from the message—dramatically increasing number of messages that an operator can charge for
  • Send Voice SMS messages to a number of individuals and groups—at the same time
  • Supports a clientless version of Voice SMS, which utilizes code-based dialing sequences

Kodiak Group SMS™

  • Send one text message to multiple contacts—at the same time
  • Send multiple SMS messages efficiently in one uplink, reducing network congestion
  • Use the same groups defined for other applications

The Kodiak Connected Portfolio also includes a number of new Open OS clients which are available in multilingual versions to address global market demand. The client interfaces can be conveniently downloaded over the air (OTA) to most existing handsets and pre-loaded on new and future devices. Each Open OS client reads the native phonebook, supports calls to any dialable number, provides call history data, and enables users to create contact lists directly on the handset. The new Open OS client offerings are based on operator preference for a broad choice of end user device options and include BREW™, Java™, SIMpower™, Symbian™, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone.

The Kodiak Connected Portfolio helps wireless operators address a variety of industry trends affecting their ability to defend and grow voice and SMS revenue, which is still 90 percent of their business. A number of new entrants into the mobile marketplace are offering a series of value-added services, including messaging applications, which are eroding operator service revenues. Kodiak is enabling wireless carriers to overcome these challenges by:

  1. Introducing new group-based conferencing and messaging applications that utilize existing infrastructure and can be downloaded over the air (OTA) to existing handsets and pre-loaded on new and future devices
  2. Breaking down silos between mainstream applications and ensuring tighter integration of native phonebook with mobile voice, conferencing and messaging services
  3. Offering tailored mobile solutions with targeted applications for key markets including business, family, and social networking communities
  4. Providing an extensive Open OS client offering, allowing operators to easily offer their customers more device options.

“It's encouraging to see Kodiak continuing to build new applications and capabilities into its RTX platform,” notes Peter Jarich, Principal Analyst with Current Analysis. “The company may be best known for its Push-to-Talk offering, but Mobile Conferencing and Visual Voice SMS solutions are natural follow-ons to the Kodiak services that many operators have commercially deployed. More importantly, the new applications ‘speak’ to the way people already use their mobile voice and SMS services and demonstrate how operators can build new revenue streams.”

“Kodiak Networks is committed to helping wireless operators worldwide leverage their existing voice infrastructure to enable and protect revenues generated by group-based, IMS-ready mobile applications, including messaging and conferencing,” said Craig Farrill, CEO, Kodiak Networks. “The company is very responsive to user demand for integrated, community-oriented mobile applications that are fast and convenient to use.”

About Kodiak Networks
Kodiak Networks (www.kodiaknetworks.com) provides wireless operators with the Kodiak Connected Portfolio, a comprehensive set of mobile solutions that help increase revenue, promote community/group-based communications, and improve customer retention. The Portfolio includes solutions targeted at business, family, and social networking communities; an integrated mobile applications suite; and client interfaces for open OS and embedded devices. Portfolio components are based on the Kodiak RTX, a flexible, multigenerational IMS platform, which easily scales from independent operators to multinational carriers utilizing 2G or 3G networks. Kodiak customers span the globe and include commercial deployments in North America, Europe, India, and Asia/Pacific.