Bell Push-to-talk powered by Kodiak keeps drivers and dispatchers in constant contact over Canada’s largest LTE network.


Headquartered in Toronto, Classic Towing & Storage has offered superior roadside assistance to customers across the province of Ontario for more than two decades. Whatever the need, flat tire, dead battery, or towing assistance after an accident, Classic Towing is known for providing prompt, reliable, courteous service that minimizes customer downtime and frustration.

Classic Towing has more than 150 light duty, medium duty and heavy duty tow trucks, making it well equipped to handle a wide array of vehicle towing and transportation needs. With ten sites, including Windsor, Niagara, Kitchener, Hamilton, Burlington, Ajax, Barrie, Huntsville, Parry Sound, and their Toronto headquarters housing eight professional dispatchers, Classic Towing has the resources to get theright truck to the right location.

The Challenge

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Classic Towing and the company prides itself on its ability to rapidly identify and dispatch the right resource when the call for help comes in. Providing a fast, efficient response for each customer, however, requires a communication service with the speed, breadth of coverage, and controls necessary to instantly communicate with the right driver, whether they are in or out of the truck.

Classic Towing found, however, that the vehicle-mounted land mobile radios it was using for communication did not provide the coverage, flexibility, or administrative controls needed to quickly reach its drivers throughout the province. In addition, re-installing the mobile radios each time the company upgraded its vehicle fleet was a time-consuming and labor intensive process.

Drivers found the constant stream of voice traffic, frequently targeted at groups or locations other than their own, to be a numbing distraction that made it difficult to identify and focus on communication important to their role.

The Solution

In 2016, Classic Towing started using the Bell Canada PTT service powered by Kodiak, a Motorola Solutions Company, to provide fast, secure, reliable instant communications for its dispatchers and drivers. Classic Towing selected Bell PTT because it delivered the communications, including administrative control, coverage, speed, and voice quality, its fast-paced, minute-by-minute business required, along with the convenience of getting the service, devices, and accessories from one provider.

The Benefits

The Bell mobile network, Canada’s fastest and largest, provides coverage throughout Ontario, ensuring the more than 60 PTT users at Classic Towing and Storage have Push-to-talk communication whenever and wherever needed. In addition, the PTT Dispatch Console application provided by Bell seamlessly integrates the broadband PTT, talkgroup scanning, call recording, and GPS location information dispatchers need to monitor and direct driver activities in the field.

Drivers appreciate the one-to-one, driver-specific communication made possible by Bell’s PTT service, eliminating the hours of useless chatter. Dispatchers also appreciate the increased control the Bell PTT service provides over whom drivers can communicate with, enabling the focused communication they need to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Kodiak, the platform solution supporting Bell’s PTT service, is carrier-grade, directly integrated in Bell’s network and security operations systems, delivering the highest level of security and reliability necessary for business-critical communications.

The rugged Sonim XP5 smartphones that replaced the in-vehicle mobile radios travel with the drivers, ensuring they stay in contact with dispatchers even when away from their vehicle. Drivers appreciate the durability of the XP5, its extra-loud speakers that provide clear communications even in the noisiest of environments, and the dedicated PTT key for quick communications.

For dispatchers and drivers at Classic Towing, the move to Bell PTT has increased communication efficiency and shortened response times, while the owners and management have benefited from the peace of mind that comes from having one contact, Bell, for all billing, support and customer care questions.

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