Push-to-talk (PTT) over Canada’s largest LTE network demonstrates fast, secure, and reliable communications for first responders throughout the region.


Bordered by Lake Ontario to the north, Lake Erie to the south, and the Niagara river to the east, Canada’s Niagara Region encompasses more than 1,850 square kilometers, making it one of the largest geographic regions in Ontario, as well as an important home to agriculture, tourism, and over 450,000 residents.

The responsibility for patrolling this immense area falls to the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS). Established in 1971, the NRPS is the oldest regional police service in Ontario with over 700 uniformed officers and 320 civilian staff serving and protecting the Niagara Region’s residents and visitors.

The Challenge

Whether on one of the Region’s numerous waterways, a rural road, or the floor of a busy casino, first responders and other members of the NRPS require fast, secure and reliable push- to-talk (PTT) communications to effectively and safely police this vast territory.

NRPS outgrew its previous solution, needing much more coverage as well as a new infrastructure that promised communications reliability. An ability to make real-time administrative changes, including user contacts, groups and profiles was also a major business need for the NRPS.

Mission critical events could not wait for logistical communication change requests routed through the carrier for implementation, and the associated delay with the previous solution made it difficult for the NRPS Communication team to keep up with staff changes. As a result, the NRPS needed a contact management solution that could help adapt to real-time events, was easy to navigate, simple to learn, and updated PTT contacts, groups and communication controls instantaneously.

The Solution

After evaluating the Bell PTT offering, as well as other major PTT providers in Canada, the Niagara Regional Police Service selected the Bell Canada PTT service powered by Kodiak, a Motorola Solutions Company as the right solution for its members.

The NRPS evaluation team selected the service provided by Bell and Kodiak because of its coverage, its reliability and speed, contact management capability, as well as the breadth of devices and accessories it offered.

The Benefits

The Bell network, Canada’s fastest and largest, provides coverage throughout Niagara Region, ensuring that NRPS officers have PTT communication whenever and wherever needed. In addition, the Bell administrative portal offers the NRPS Communication team greater flexibility and control, allowing them to make changes to user contacts, group assignments, and other items as needed.

Kodiak, the solution supporting Bell’s Broadband PTT also includes geo-redundancy, with high availability components, and AES encryption, which, when coupled with tight integration into Bell’s network and security operations systems, delivers the level of security and reliability necessary for mission critical and secured communications.

The wide variety of devices and accessories available with the Bell PTT service makes it possible for the NRPS to select the right device or accessory for each role. For example, while the majority of NRPS officers have found the Sonim XP5 to be ideal for typical policing activities, other officers have found the IPhone 6 to be a better fit for their needs.

For the Niagara Regional Police Service, the switch to the next-generation PTT service provided by Bell and Kodiak has meant that its officers have instantaneous push-to-talk communications they can depend on, today and well into the future.

To learn more about broadband PTT from Bell and Kodiak, go to kodiakptt.com or www.bell.ca/Business/Mobility/Industry-Solutions/Push-To-Talk.