Instant communications help quickly resolve production floor issues.KPN-push-to-talk-Benefits

Voorbij Prefab specializes in the development, production, and installation of sustainable precast concrete for residential construction. The company is known for its technical expertise, quality, and reliability. Voorbij Prefab is part of TBI Holdings, one of the largest real estate, construction and engineering companies in the Netherlands.


  • Direct voice communication with a group or indiviual with the press of a button.
  • Real-time information exchange.
  • GPS and real-time presence and availability information from the contacts.
  • Priority calls and group selection.
  • Web-based management tool easily helps change contacts needed for different shifts, with automatic updates to the phones.

The Challenge

In the large and busy Voorbij Prefab facility in Amsterdam, timely and reliable communication between the production manager and the production floor is essential. Previously the teams relied on cell phones. When the production manager monitoring the process from his office became aware of something that required specific attention, it required locating and dialing a particular employee or multiple employees.  If calls were unsuccessful, valuable time was lost in walking the lengthy distance to overcome the problem, when urgent action was needed to prevent a production issue.

The Solution

Voorbij Prefab worked with their mobile provider KPN and selected the KPN Push-to-Talk application for group communication on KPN mobile subscriptions because of its speed, convenience, ease of use, and the right handset and accessory to fit the production work environment.

”Push-to-Talk takes away a ‘threshold’ - in this case the distance between the office of the production manager and the production floor,” says Hans Both MSc, information Manager for Voorbij Prefab. “Press a button, and within a second the manager and production team are communicating.”

The production manager follows the production from screens and sees where possible stagnation or other issues may occur. By proactively giving the right instructions to the workers with Push-to-Talk, the possible stagnation and problems are prevented.

The other way around applies of course as well. With the help of Push-to-Talk, the workers in production can efficiently inform one or more colleagues about issues that they are confronted with during the day. It also increases their safety, providing a quick way to get help from the team.

The team chose Kyocera Torque devices with Savox BTR-155 remote speaker microphones (RSMs), for their good performance in noisy and dusty environments, ability to function reliably with frequent drops, and dedicated PTT buttons.

The Benefits

Louwrens Giessen, Production Leader for Voorbij Prefab using KPN Push-to-Talk from his office at the Amsterdam factory

Voorbij Prefab has found that the real-time information exchange made possible by KPN Push-to-Talk contributes to worker safety, business productivity, and efficiency. The short clarifications to and between worker(s) in the production team with Push-to-Talk assure that production runs more smoothly.

KPN has made a Push-to-Talk addendum to the existing mobility contract for TBI Holdings, so that the company can easily scale and expand on Push-to-Talk to its many other branches. Benefits of KPN Push-to-Talk that will be of use in other branch settings include:

  • Voice communication with the right group or individual at the press of a button, for real-time answers
  • Visibility of who is available with Presence
  • Easy updating of group members through the web-based management tool and automatic push updates to the phones
  • GPS location for available contacts
  • The right devices and accessories for each job
  • The ability to reach PTT contacts and groups wherever they are, on property or across the Netherlands

The KPN Push-to-Talk users at Voorbij Prefab have been so pleased with the service from the first moment that they did not want to give back the demo kit provided to them by KPN. Having the next-generation Push-to-Talk service provided by KPN and Kodiak has meant that the Voorbij Prefab employees have instantaneous push-to-talk communication they can depend on, today and well into the future.

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