Learn more about carrier-integrated broadband push-to-talk (PTT), LMR interop, and MCPTT from these informative whitepapers.

Other Resources include: Case Studies and Brochures.

What is MCPTT?

This short introduction to MCPTT offers a quick primer for those readers new to the topic. The phrase "mission-critical push-to-talk" refers to a PTT product functionality that meets the requirements of mission-critical voice communication, which includes high availability/reliability, low latency... 

What Is MCPTT? (PDF)

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Technology Evolution

This 7-page whitepaper provides a comfortable read including general explanations of push-to-talk (PTT), two-way radio, iDEN, standards-based broadband PTT, and the commercial baseline of MCPTT available today.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Technology Evolution (PDF)

Broadband PTT for LMR Augmentation

This fact-filled white paper starts with a summary of the key benefits of using broadband PTT for LMR augmentation, illustrates broadband PTT use cases for public safety today, and discusses the right capabilities and attributes you need from a broadband PTT solution.

Broadband PTT for LMR Augmentation (PDF)

The Changing Face of Mission Support Communications

Learn how two communities are improving communications, lowering costs, and increasing productivity with Broadband PTT and LMR Interoperability.

The Changing Face of Mission Support Communications (PDF)

Low-Risk Steps to Get to MCPTT

For those public safety entities considering transitioning to MCPTT using Broadband PTT Interop, this whitepaper will help identify specific areas to consider for any migration to occur safely and efficiently.

Low-Risk Steps to Get to MCPTT (PDF)

Carrier Integration: The Key to Reliable Broadband PTT

This whitepaper explains why only a carrier-integrated broadband PTT solution delivers the end-to-end solution performance, service assurance, and support necessary to ensure customers receive reliable, instantaneous communications whenever and wherever needed. 

Carrier Integration: The Key to Reliable Broadband PTT (PDF)