Accessories for Every Task

Kodiak partners with the industry’s leading headset, remote speaker microphone, earpiece, and dispatch support device manufacturers so you always have the right accessory for the job. Kodiak-powered PTT accessories are specifically designed for tasks in fast-paced and demanding industries including hospitality, construction, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, and public safety.


AdvanceTec Industries Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer focused on providing solutions to the wireless industry. As our partner, it offers accessories that make PTT usage in the field even easier. AdvanceTec’s innovations and engineering ensure that our solutions work as effectively and reliably.


AINA develops rugged wireless communication devices for push-to-talk over IP. AINA products combine user habits and practicality with the versatility of modern communication and information technology. AINA pays close attention to mechanical design, hardware and software development, and the production process of their products.

Earphone Connection

Earphone Connection creates communications equipment and gadgets that work perfectly with our PTT platform, including the BlueWi microphone with a functional PTT button. Its accessories help provide PTT functionality to users in the field.

GPS Lockbox

GPS Lockbox since 2005 has provided solutions for the transportation industry to meet requirements by customers and the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) for the protection, enclosure, mounting and powering systems for tablets and wireless devices residing in commercial vehicles. GPS Lockbox prides itself in providing solutions that will meet the needs of the customer for off the shelf solutions or custom fits.


As a Kodiak partner, Klein Electronics has introduced commercial-grade accessories that greatly enhance the user experience with both the device and the application. Working in tandem with both the handset manufacturers and Kodiak, Klein has a complete suite of products ready for enterprise and retail deployment.

LMC Systems

LMC-Systems manufacturers robust and durable peripheral equipment that compliments PC-based VoIP Command and Control and Dispatch Center systems. The LMC-Systems microphones and USB PTT foot pedals enhance the user experience by make it possible for people to communicate freely and naturally with easy to use, plug-and-play devices that interface with top tier VoIP applications

Milicom Headsets

As the headset leader for PTT markets, including military and commercial customers, Milicom provides Kodiak users with unrivaled performance in noise isolation with patented In-Ear Mic technology. Milicom’s headsets work with a wide range of devices to deliver our reliable PTT functionality and high voice quality.


Plantronics is driven by the obsession to remove the barriers to simple, clear communication by enbling new technologies to workforces across a broad geography and a variety of industries. Plantronics produces a number of Kodiak Broadband PTT compatible accessories—including PTT foot pedal/switches, desktop microphones, and multiple headsets—designed for dispatch applications to manage incoming and outgoing PTT calls.


For more than 25, years PRYME has been a leading manufacturer of high quality communications accessories for professional users. Located in Brea, California, our broad and extensive line of Wireless PTT, Speaker Microphones, Headsets, and custom Earpieces serves many markets including public safety, police, fire, emergency services, healthcare, security, oil & gas, tactical and hazmat professionals, as well as industrial, commercial, hospitality and entertainment markets. At PRYME, we invent, design, and build the finest professional grade accessories for you.


With more than 30 years experience serving the police, security, fire, military, and industrial markets, our accessories partner Savox offers unprecedented communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments. Savox provides wired and wireless accessories for mobile devices that increase communication efficiency with the highest level of integration for PTT applications.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain provides premium audio products, accessories, and custom solutions to business & industrial, transportation, public safety and military market sectors that work with our PTT solutions. Stone Mountain’s Phoenix Elite Series speaker microphone provides Kodiak users with a waterproof, feature-rich platform that meets the most demanding environments.


VXi BlueParrott provides the best-performing headsets, telecommunications and speech recognition solutions for the benefit of mobile professionals, small and large businesses, and contact centers around the world. From Bluetooth® to Unified Communications, they meet the highest global standards for product quality and service, backed by the industry’s best warranties. VXi designs, markets, sells and supports their products from Dover, New Hampshire.


ZEROMIC enables mission critical public safety and business critical users to communicate using a simple low or no voice whisper. A patented mic-less headset solution, ZEROMIC is ideal for users in noisy or windy environments or in dangerous situations. ZEROMIC is designed and manufactured in Japan and has been tested for use by several global mobile device companies and is tested and verified for use with the Broadband PTT application from Kodiak, a Motorola Solutions Company.

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