Committed to Our Partners

We are committed to adding value to our partners and helping them stand out in the market. We do this by offering enterprise solutions for carriers, resellers, handset vendors, accessory vendors, and software integrators.

We work closely with our partners to ensure mutually beneficial growth. Our integration programs minimize development risk, maximize return on investment, and capitalize on our combined expertise. Together we push forward.

The Benefits of Joining Our Network

We offer the widest coverage area, the most features, and the best accessories because we work with the best. We provide you the same benefits we provide our large base of PTT users—freedom, control, and peace of mind.

We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the program that best suits your business model. With an easy-to-calculate return on investment and proven project development processes, we make it easy for you to track and control everything from ideation to implementation. We optimize our partnership programs so you can focus on your business, knowing that our comprehensive support is only a PTT call away.

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