Largest deployed standards-based PTT and subscriber base in the world

March to converged PTT standard

Since 2003, OMA has guided the creation and approval of standards for the mobile phone industry, including PTT over cellular communications.

  • OMA PoC v2.0 first deployable release
  • OMA Push-to-Communicate for Public Safety (PCPS) v1.0 provided framework for both commercial push to talk services as well as the mission critical push to talk service for public safety

Experience developing and deploying standards-based PTT solutions is critical with the significant role both OMA and the PCPS standard suite are playing in the definition of MCPTT, and Kodiak has the largest installed base of v2.0 compliant systems globally. Kodiak contributions to PCPS/MCPTT include:

  • PoC Control Plane technical spec
  • XDM technical spec (PoC specific)
  • Entire set of XML schemas

3GPP defining requirements for Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) application in LTE Release 13.

  • Licensed use of OMA’s work, including contributions from Kodiak, in defining PCPS critical communication functions. Agreement ensures that the specifications for LTE MCPTT will get done.
  • Functionality from TETRA and P25 standards also included

Mission Critical PTT Standard

3GPP LTE Release 13

By leveraging the strengths of LTE and adding a comprehensive set of features needed for public safety communications, Mission Critical Push to Talk brings technical unity to commercial and public safety PTT communications.

  • Leverages strengths of LTE and adds public safety communications feature set
  • Will deliver more cost effective solution for both business and public safety
  • Is one of the key elements for FirstNet®, the U.S. public safety network.. Get the whitepaper:
  • What it means to be FirstNet(R) Ready
    What it means to be FirstNet® Ready



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