Lower Costs & Enhance Value of LMR

Increase PTT usage on your LMR network without purchasing new sites, frequencies or radios


Extend Coverage
Beyond Bounds

Access PTT on 3G/4G/LTE, LMR or Wi-FI networks, wherever connectivity is available


Multiple Apps & PTT
on One Device

Enjoy access to business productivity applications and LMR PTT from a single device


Rapidly Grow Number
of Users

Easily add any number of new users as needed for short-term or long-term assignments


Easily Add a New Class
of Users

Make PTT available to executives, administrators, and others without the need for a radio


Carrier-level Service Assurance

End-to-end service performance, assurance, and support necessary to ensure PTT service

Interoperability That's Right for You


Any LMR Network Group to Broadband PTT Group

A simple, economical solution that provides group-oriented voice communications between Kodiak Broadband PTT users and those on any type of LMR network.


Flexible, any radio


Cost-effective, quick
to setup

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Entire LMR Network to Broadband PTT Network

Network-to-network wireline IP interface for direct communications between Kodiak Broadband PTT users and those on P25 LMR systems, delivering fast call setup and advanced functionality.


Fast call setup,
enhanced capabilities


Greater Security

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LMR Dispatch Console to Broadband PTT

IP-based connectivity for direct communications between Kodiak Broadband PTT users and dispatch consoles and access to LMR talkgroups and networks associated with them.


Appropriate for
dispatch heavy


Broader connectivity
for dispatchers

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Expand Users and Extend Coverage

When it comes to protecting our cities, keeping the gas running, or the electricity flowing, a shortfall in connectivity should never be acceptable.

LMR Interoperability from Kodiak complements and extends the coverage provided by an LMR network, facilitating cross-network communication by delivering group or one-to-one voice communications at the push of a button from any location. For those who cannot or will not carry a two-way radio, Broadband PTT and LMR Interoperability from Kodiak open a new world of connectivity by making it possible for Broadband PTT users to seamlessly communicate with those who do carry radios.

For example, a Construction supervisor on a job site in mid-town Manhattan needs immediate information from an architect who is travelling on business or work crews will be sitting idle. Using his radio and LMR Interoperability, the supervisor contacts the architect on her smartphone running Broadband PTT, gets the answer and keeps the job on schedule.

Lower Costs and Enhance Your Existing LMR Investment

Expanding the capacity or coverage of an existing LMR network is expensive and time-consuming. Kodiak LMR Interoperability makes it possible to grow users and/or expand coverage without the capital costs associated with adding new radios, spectrum, or sites.

Organizations also get greater use and, ultimately, more benefit out of the existing LMR network by opening communication to a new class of users, executives, administrators, and others who have not carried radios in the past.

For example, a Midwest Security company is expanding its operation into a large business park in the next county and needs to provide PTT communication to a number of new employees outside the coverage area of its existing LMR network. The company uses Kodiak Broadband PTT and LMR Interoperability to provide seamless communication between the new employees and those using their existing radios at a fraction of the cost needed to expand the existing LMR network.

Multiple Apps and PTT on One Device for Greater Productivity and Efficiency

Achieving greater productivity and efficiency requires that mobile workers have broadband access to business applications in the field just as they do in the office. Mobile workers needing to access data applications and LMR communications carry two devices because LMR networks can’t provide high-speed data.

Kodiak LMR Interoperability allows mobile workers to combine data applications and LMR PTT on a single device. No longer do employees need to carry a smartphone and a radio to get field access to critical applications and PTT communications with workers on an LMR network.

For example, a supervisor working for an HVAC company in Atlanta needs to communicate with workers as well as access workforce management applications while moving from site to site. LMR Interoperability from Kodiak allows the supervisor to use a smartphone with Broadband PTT to stay in contact with workers on the LMR network, and keep the labor reports up to date.

Carrier-level Service Assurance

Over-the-top PTT apps and services cannot identify and address performance issues beyond their broadband PTT software platform and cannot provide end-to-end service performance, assurance, or support. With a carrier-integrated broadband PTT solution, the platform, components, and application are all tightly integrated with the carrier’s network and daily operations. That’s why carrier-integrated solution can deliver the availability, redundancy, 24/7 monitoring/support necessary to ensure customers receive fast, reliable communications whenever and wherever needed.

Carrier-integrated Broadband PTT solutions also have access to the Rx interface for dynamic quality of service management, providing subscribers with prioritized access to network resources. Tight coupling with the carrier’s billing, provisioning, customer care means customers spend less time and resources monitoring service usage and resolving invoicing or customer provisioning issues.

For customers, a carrier-integrated solution means they have one place to go to address all service questions or issues, which provides them with true peace of mind.