Productivity Apps Are More Productive with PTT Integration

We believe that the only way to lead is to show the way from the front, which is why we constantly pioneer new PTT innovations to improve our solutions. Our Application Programming Interface makes it possible for third-party developers/integrators to add fast, easy push-to-talk voice communication to their applications. The PTT API allows us to extend broadband PTT functionality into existing workforce management and productivity applications, increasing productivity by providing real-time voice communication, presence, and alert capabilities within existing workflows. This flawless integration into existing applications builds upon a low initial investment to maximize returns by adding value and efficiency.

How It Works

Our application programming interface (API) enables integration of PTT services into browser-based workforce management or dispatch applications and also provides mobile options for integrating all Kodiak PTT services into a single mobile platform. The API extends the following broadband PTT functions to third-party applications:

PTT Services

Make and receive one-to-one calls, pre-defined group calls and ad-hoc group calls.


Find PTT users’ presence information (Available, Off-line, or Do Not Disturb) instantly with real-time notifications.

Instant Alert

Send or retrieve call-me alerts and missed-call alerts with real-time notifications.


Integrate call recording, broadcast, location, and talkgroup scanning.

Partners adding PTT to their Applications

ActSoft Logo

Actsoft, Inc.

Actsoft is the industry leader for MRM and M2M applications for both workforce management and fleet management solutions. This unique approach gives companies an all-in-one solution that allows them to view the day-to-day operations of their mobile workforce and fleet. Actsoft’s intricately woven integration in the Web-EPTT gives customers the ability to manage their entire mobile operations efficiently, while providing a scalable solution to communicate.

FleetComplete Logo


FleetComplete specializes in scalable GPS fleet tracking and dispatch solutions that span across different industries. FleetComplete has fully embraced our Web-PTT service and integrated it into their top application.

Adding PTT to an Application

Developers may register at to find out more about extending broadband PTT functionality into an existing application. If you have additional questions please contact us.


Broadband Push-to-Talk Solution


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